Dear International Self-Righteousness - מכון מעברים
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Dear International Self-Righteousness

You might not have noticed, but you are players in a war. You, upstanding members of society, and champions of peace and global justice. Whether you know it or not, someone is pulling your strings.

You’ll probably be outraged to hear this and resist the argument. You’ll tell yourselves that you are savvy independent thinkers, that you are right, and fight for what’s right. Allow me to present you in a different light: you are easily accessible weapons that terrorist organizations are pointing at the Western world. In our local terminology: “You’re shooting into your own tank.”

The West has the questionable tendency to doll out global justice by dictating who is good or bad based on one leading perspective: aid for the weak. And this perspective is usually quite reductive: the conquerors are strong, and the conquered are weak. The conquerors are bad, and the conquerors are good. In this dualistic conception of the world, appropriate for children’s books, the scene has only two sides.

Terrorist organizations understand that this view benefits them. They realize that they can harp on this naïve understanding of the world as divided into the weak, who are therefore always good, and the strong, who are therefore always bad. Their agents fire from keyboards around the world, inciting protests, rallies, and widespread support for the weak. Terrorist organizations have been exploiting this approach for their personal benefit, cultivating it by any available means.

But in reality, wars haven’t been waged between two nations or sides for quite a while now. Hezbollah runs Lebanon. Hamas runs Gaza. Each front involves at least three forces or more.

The picture is complicated. Can your self-righteous perspective accommodate the complexity? Is it possible to discuss global justice with terrorist organizations involved?

Terrorist organizations know the playbook and exploit it wonderfully. The global media will debate whether Israel or Gaza should be considered the protagonist or villain of this story, swapping Hamas as a placeholder for Gaza’s leadership, dedicated to Gaza’s liberation from occupation. From this perspective, it is quite difficult to denounce Hamas, as they are pushing back against the “strong” and the “oppressive.” How could we judge them for that?

And so, terrorist organizations go unchallenged in Europe – the dichotomous division of weak and strong lets them “have their cake and eat it too,” without accounting for the consequences of their actions.

Indeed, the opposite is the case: they masterfully and easily manipulate European media and the bleeding hearts of the righteous with images and declarations that win them the prized weapon of shifting public opinion, so that European criticism lands squarely against Israel and in favor of Gaza. How easy it is to manipulate you. Ironically, one of the most efficient weapons in the hands of murderers are champions of peace and justice. Who knew?

Moral debates service murderers’ action. There’s nothing like exploiting the innocence and kindness of the idle, whose actions are summed up by writing lamenting Facebook posts and protesting in the street. It’s time we wake up.

This war against Hamas is not a merely local war.

This is a war against terrorism. Against indiscriminate murder and brutal mass killing. It is a war against medieval mentality. Hamas is not merely a regional organization, but a philosophy that is spreading like wildfire through the Muslim world. Hamas has grown massively, promulgating what are inherently inhuman views. Terror organizations use emotional manipulation to bolster themselves, while sewing destruction and turmoil in their wake, out of a commitment to the unlimited use of force, and out of a blatant disregard for human rights.

Proponents of peace and global justice should reevaluate the dichotomous axiom of the weak and the strong. There are at least three forces at play in this conflict: Israel, Gaza and terror organizations – most notably, Hamas. Any analysis of the situation must include at least these three factors, neither of which is entirely righteous nor pure. But we must draw a clear line between national or social conflicts and inhuman acts. You want global justice? If so, you must unequivocally ban terror activity of any kind. A genuine desire for global justice requires that resisting terror, and a commitment to its eradication, be seen as international conventions. These practices protect the security interests of the entire Western world, not just ours. But it seems that the champions of global justice have not yet come to this realization. Even witnessing the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th haven’t weakened the credibility of Hamas’ messaging, such as the rapid accusations that Israel was responsible for the terrible recent explosion in Gaza’s hospital.

It's time to wake up.

Of course, there is room to evaluate conduct, what actions should and shouldn’t be taken in Gaza, and what Israel is doing right or wrong. Also, there is room to discuss what the people of Gaza are getting right and wrong. But any discussion must follow a clear ring of fire on all media outlets condemning all terror organizations, such as Hamas. When you, dear seekers of peace and justice, allow terror organizations to deflect the blame away from themselves, you become complicit in their growth, and unwittingly endanger the freedom and security that you enjoy in your own countries.

(In the picture: Hamas support in London)

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